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Natural Treatment for Back Pain! Create Spinal Stability!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023


Hey, Dr. McNamara here and if you're suffering from low back pain and is due to instability, you're going to want to do this exercise to help stabilize the spine and strengthen the muscle called the quadrates


So these are called windmills and the way you start is you want to put the weight over your shoulder and you want to pack that shoulder in by pulling the shoulder blade, close to your spine, then for the feet, you want to kind of have a triangle post similar to yoga. So you're taking the front foot and you're lining it up in line with the back foot.

And then from there, we're just going to lower down and this is really going to work that quadrates lumborum muscle and then you just go right back up. So when you go down you want to go to the point of tension and then when you feel that nice tension just come up. That's really going to help strengthen that quadrates lumborum and help stabilize that low

back, and keep you out of back pain.

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