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Let’s talk some poop!  Suffering from abdominal pain and cramps, bloating, diarrhea, gas? It just may be SIBO. 


SIBO or Small bowel bacterial overgrowth is a condition in which very large numbers of bacteria grow in the small intestine. These are usually the “bad guy” bacteria too!  It is a persistan condition and needs a significant remedy, that is why we have made a multi pronged approach to stop SIBO.


SIBO is more than a symptom-based relief.  We usually diagnose it with a breath, blood or stool test. Addressing the cause is the primary goal of controlling it.  This is done in the combination of diet and supplementation.


Many things can cause SIBO:


  • Complications of diseases or surgery 

  • Autoimmune diseases or even diabetes

  • Weakened immune system

  • Diverticulosis in the small intestines

  • Medications

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)



A bad bacteria-controlling blend consists of herbs and nutrients that will bust up their party in your gut. They work by:


  • Supporting the  Healthy Microbial Balance

  • Providing Nutrients That Support Antioxidant Activity

  • Supports Gastrointestinal Health by prioritizing the good bacteria over the bad

  • Designed as a Fast-Acting, Short-Term Formula

  • Allergy Control in the gut




Curcumin is a plant-based molecule obtained from the turmeric plant. This unique formulation enhances the bioavailability of curcumin by combining black pepper extract and timed-released delivery method to maximize results to:


  • Provides Antioxidant and Cell-Protective Activity

  • Supports the Health of Organs and Systems by Modulating the Production of Cytokines and Other Signaling Molecules

  • Supports The Body’s Efforts to Promote Healthy Cell Growth and Inhibit Unhealthy Cell Growth in Certain Cell Lines

  • Supports a Healthy Microbial Environment



A special formulation of zinc in the carnosine form:


  • Supports the Relief of Occasional Gastric Discomforts (e.g., occasional heartburn/indigestion, upset stomach, belching, burping, bloat, mild nausea)

  • Helps Maintain a Healthy Balance of Gastric Flora

  • Protects and Supports the Integrity of the Gastric Mucosa

  • Provides Antioxidant Activity in the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract

  • Supports Healthy Cytokine Expression in Gastric Cells



A probiotic yeast that supports other probiotic organisms in addition to intestinal barrier function and integrity. It is a superstar that supports normal immune responses.


  • Supports Gastrointestinal-based Immunity

  • Supports Integrity and Function of Mucosal Cells

  • Supports Healthy Gut Flora


SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth)

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