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Wellness Extravaganza!


Massage reduces stress and

anxiety, relaxes muscles,

rehabilitates injuries, reduces

pain, and promotes overall

health and wellness. Reduce

stress and anxiety, relax

muscles, rehabilitate injuries,

reduce pain, and promote

overall health and wellness. Our

massages are performed by our

licensed therapist.

massage special
Infrared Sauna special

The benefits of the infrared

sauna are it increases blood

flow, reduces muscle spasms,

removes toxins, assists in the

reduction of swelling and

inflammation by improving

lymph flow reduces soreness

through direct action on both

free nerve endings in tissues and

on peripheral nerves.

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Acupuncture is a treatment

based on Chinese

medicine. Research suggests

that it produces a variety of

effects in the body and the brain

including pain relief and

hormone balancing.

Acupuncture Special
laser-like lipo body contouring special

FDA approved body shaping that

is proven safe and effective at

removing unwanted fat and

inches with no surgery, pain,

bruising, or recovery time.

Target problem areas such as:

•Cellulite •Mommy Tummy

•Love Handles •Stretch Marks

•Loose Skin •Excessive Fat

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