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Vitamins and Supplements

Chiropractic, Functional Medicine & Wellness

Not all supplements are created equal!  Watch the video below to find answers to the Top 10 critical questions about vitamins and supplements and if they will help or harm your health!


I will discuss the secrets the vitamin companies don’t want you to know - the real deal on doses, quality, type and price, and when and how to take what you need.  We will visit a personalized scientific approach to vitamins without the risk of spending money on something that doesn’t work or worse. . . 



     1.  Order from our Mc2 online store custom condition-specific supplement packs.

2. Click on the links below to order your supplements from our preferred pharmaceutical-grade companies.



Xymogen’s ordering is done through the Whole script. If you've received one of our convenient Med packs you will know they came from Wholescript at Xymogen. To order click here

If you need to make changes to your current Med pack please contact our office and we'll be happy to put that order in for you.




Full Scripts carries many different supplement lines in order to find the one that will help you the most we will send you recommendations from this company.


If you need help ordering supplements or have a question about what supplements and vitamins you are taking please message us at the office through our portal or call the office at 847-234-2346.

Supplement Companies
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