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Functional Medicine 02
Weight Loss 03
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Infarred Sauna 07
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Many people think chiropractors only perform adjustments. Here at Mc2 Health and Wellness, we have comprehensive programs with integrative therapies that complement each other in a way our patients achieve pain-free results in a short period of time. Of course, adjustments are the main part of our treatment but we can do them in many ways by hand with instruments with mechanical tables or with movement.


We have nine different main services that we offer at Mc2 Health and Wellness in the Lake Forest / Lake Bluff area.  After doing a comprehensive exam on our patients we create a care plan using many of these services in a unique and personalized approach to eliminating pain and restoring health.


Some of the services can be used on their own such as massage infrared sauna, laser-like lipo weight loss or our begin with Wellness weight loss program. Just click on the surface above and the brown squares to learn more in depth information about each type of treatment we offer.

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