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Laboratory Testing

 Blood, Urine, Stool and Saliva Testing

     We test and don't guess when it comes to your health.  We draw the labs in our office to provide our patients with the convenience and attention they deserve. People are all very unique especially when it comes to their health needs.

     We don't have a one-size-fits-all program, we measure what needs to be checked with you and then make recommendations based on your uniqueness.  Every lab is personalized to your health care need. This objective measurement along with your symptoms shows real improvement over time. You may be familiar with some of the labs we use like, Cleveland Heart Lab, Health Labs, Genova Diagnostics, Exagen/Avise autoimmune testing, Sanesco neurotransmitter testing, Cyrex immune labs, and Igenex Lyme disease testing lab. Learn more about our personalized tests here.

    We offer many tests depending on your need. Many of these test ARE covered by insurance.

Chiropractic, Functional Medicine and Wellness

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