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Project Selfy

The Greatest Wealth is Health!

A healthy outside starts from the inside!

20+ Health and Wellness Mini-Courses

Project Selfy offers a wide variety of wellness mini-courses and health education programs to help you and your family achieve a healthy lifestyle. Let us guide and assist you in making a health and wellness plan that works for you. Diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, weight loss, nutrition, pain and inflammation, stress management, chronic disease management, and more...there's lots to think about and always something to learn.

All the mini courses and programs are online with 24 hour viewing.  You will learn from Dr. McLaughlin in videos, written text, downloads and more!

Variety of Wellness Topics

Making the right nutrition and lifestyle choices can be super confusing!  Our goal is to help you take control of your well-being by understanding what your body needs to feel its best.


The power of knowledge fuels your brain to make the best decisions for your body. Chose one or many topice.

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