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Pregnancy Post Natal Massage

After nine months of caring for a baby in your body and then going through delivery now, it is your time to begin to heal. Pregnancy and post-Natal massages help moms get their bodies back. There is no doubt that caring for that new bundle of joy and putting them in car seats and strollers can really pay a toll on your back and neck.


Can pregnancy massage help with carpal tunnel?


During pregnancy, we double our blood volume and things start to swell especially in our wrists and hands. We have a fascia band on our wrists to hold our blood vessels and nerves in place. When our wrists swell these structures are compressed causing carpal tunnel.


The symptoms are pain numbness tingling and weakness in the hands and wrist.  massage can help loosened the fibrous band and pushed the fluids out of the area to relieve the pressure on the blood vessels and nerves. This will help you hold that beautiful baby comfortably in your arms.


Newborn's Care

Can you get a Post-Natal massage while nursing?


Yes, it is not a problem getting a massage if you are nursing.  If lying on your stomach do too engorged milk in your breasts, you can lie on your side For the massage, or we can put a pillow under your belly to relieve the pressure on the breasts.


How often should you have a pregnancy or postnatal massage?


Once a week initially is a great interval to reduce spasms and discomfort as your body starts to revert back to its old positions. As you lose the baby weight your spine will shift so in the months following your pregnancy massage is recommended at least once a month through nine months.

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