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Are you experiencing any weakness, numbness, or pain in the arms and legs? If so, you may benefit from the “Neuropathy Pack”


Sometimes the nerves in our hands and feet may become damaged due to diabetes, injuries, infections, and/or exposure to toxins. This pack will provide the optimal nutrients to repair the damage to these nerves.


The combination of these three super nutrients will “excite” your nervous system to rebuild back better and stronger! There is no one supplement that can compare to this unique combination of the Neuropathy Pack .




Neuromodulatory compounds that are designed to improve energy production and decrease inflammation in the brain that support:


  • Enhancement of Brain Function

  • Brain Health and Healthy Memory

  • Provides Generous Antioxidant Support to the Brain

  • Supplies Micronutrients to Support Neuronal Energy Production




Curcumin is a plant-based molecule obtained from the turmeric plant. This unique formulation enhances the bioavailability of curcumin by combining black pepper extract and timed-released delivery method to maximize results to:


  • Provides Antioxidant and Cell-Protective Activity

  • Supports Joint Health and Helps Relieve Minor Pain Associated With Physical Activity

  • Supports the Health of Organs and Systems by Modulating the Production of Cytokines and Other Signaling Molecules

  • Supports The Body’s Efforts to Promote Healthy Cell Growth and Inhibit Unhealthy Cell Growth in Certain Cell Lines

  • Supports Brain/Neuronal Health and a Healthy Mood

  • Supports a Healthy Microbial Environment




B vitamin combination contains the most bioavailable forms of vitamins B2, B6, and B12; benfotiamine, a fat soluble, more physiologically active form of thiamin; and folate as Quatrefolic:


  • Supports Carbohydrate Metabolism

  • Supports Healthy Nervous System/Adrenal/Immune Function

  • Supports Cardiovascular Health

  • Supports Healthy Mental Function and Mood


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  • Shipping is always free!  Each pack is custom made with our formulas and you should recieve them in 5-7 days from time of ordering.

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