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Functional Medicine Friday

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Hey everybody, Dr. Julie McLaughlin from McLaughlin care here, and I'm super excited to announce to you that we will now be having functional medicine Friday. So welcome, welcome to functional medicine Friday. So many of you might be saying what the heck is functional medicine. And that's a really great question. As a functional medicine doctor, I take a holistic approach to treat chronic disease with the focus of nutrition.

So functional medicine is a body system approach to treating diseases, each symptom or diagnosis, maybe one of many that are contributing to your issue, right? So it's a crazy thing that it's even called functional medicine because it has nothing to do with medicine at all. So sometimes you'll hear me call it functional wellness, because it really is about getting well. So in other words, we treat the whole person and we look at the cause, not just the symptom. And we look at your body and new year, all of the things going on with you in one system, not just a little tiny specialty, we look at you and treat you as a whole person. So when we look at functional medicine is a very individual type of treatment.

We look at your biochemistry, we look at your physiology, your personal history, your family history, your blood work, your lifestyle, and even your debt, genetic predispositions, and we'll work together to address these underlying imbalances and promote optimal wellness for the long term. But my training in diagnosis and nutritional aspects of internal medicine, we treat many different conditions. Anyone facing chronic conditions can benefit from functional medicine.

And some of the most common treatments are conditions are adrenal disorders, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, cancer prevention, cardiovascular, and heart disease, and high blood pressure, diabetes and insulin problems, digestive problems like irritable bowel or Crohn's disease, or Celiac's fibromyalgia, environmental toxins in food allergies, immune health, even long COVID PCO S PMs menopause any of the women's health problems.

We also help people with metabolic disorders pre-diabetes and insulin resistance, and of course, fibroid. So what are you going to expect when you have a functional medicine visit? We can do this either virtual or in person. You're going to complete an extensive medical history questionnaire. The information you provide lays the groundwork for our investigation of the root causes of your current chronic conditions.

The medical history questionnaire will ask you about your lifestyle, including your diet, your activity level, your work life, and your stressors. We're going to talk about your genetics, including your family history, some of the tendencies in your family, and mental conditions that may exist. And lastly, we're going to talk about the environment, including your exposure to toxins and allergies.

During your first appointment, you'll have a one-on-one visit with me, and we're going to review your health history, perform a physical exam. If needed order lab tests and perform specialized blood tests, if needed, we're going to introduce you to our functional nutrition philosophy, where we really dig into the lifestyle and the foods that you're eating. So we identify your goals.

We discuss treatments and follow up, and we make an entire plan for you on the follow-up visit. We'll review your report of lab findings, make nutritional and supplement recommendations because the numbers don't lie. We'll do a follow-up lab test and make sure your physiology and your symptoms are improving and going in the right direction. So if you would like to talk to us about functional medicine, you can reach us at McLaughlin care.

We're over here in lake bluff, Illinois. And our phone number is (847) 234-2346. So be on the lookout for functional medicine Friday, we're going to have a different topic every week. And if you have a topic in specific, did you like me to go over, please message us over at the office and I'll be happy to do it.

We'll see you soon.

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