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Hip Pain? Try This hip opener flow!

Updated: Mar 7

Hip Pain? Try This hip opener flow! thumbnail
Hip Pain? Try This hip opener flow! thumbnail


Hey Dr. McNamara here and today I wanted to go over a nice hip opening routine to get you warmed up for your exercise, especially lower body. I'm going to give you a beginner routine as well as a more advanced type of routine that I personally do.

But let's start with the beginner. First things first, we want to work all the different ranges of motion of the hip. So, that's flexion extension abduction adduction? As well as internal and external rotation. We're working on all three planes are all three Planes of motion, the sagittal the frontal, as well as the transverse plane.

The first thing we're going to do is we're going to work that internal external rotation for beginners. I suggest you just kind of sit on the ground just like this and just work the knees into an internal and external rotation. This feels really, really good. Really opens up the hips. It's really nice. We're getting warm up, and getting some blood flowing. I'd do about 10-20 reps of this, and then, the level two version of this to start working your way up to eventually get to that advanced level as you just kind of sit so you're a little bit more upright. So kind of be mimicking, a standing position and the same kind of thing. So, you see I get a little bit more range with my hips elevated. That would be the level 2 version.

Another good way to before getting to advance as if you put your weight on your hands, you can get some good internal external rotation that way. But eventually, Advanced versions going to look more like this, and I'll show you that again towards the end of the video. So, after you get those hip open Done a few of these guys, we're going to want to work the frontal plane and adduction and abduction. So, for this one get into kind of a kneeling type of squat and you're just going to kind of put a little weight on it, and get a little stretch in there and then just switch and you want to keep this moving so it's dynamic. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds or anything like that. We're trying to warm everything up. Okay.

The final one I want you guys to do to work that hip flexion and extension so that sagittal plane type of hip movement. And for this one, we'll start like this one judge to get that stretch in the front of the leg. And then we're going to go back, and you'll feel a nice stretch on the other leg on the opposite way. So just keep kind of running back and forth through these. And this is a great way. To get those hip flexors in those hip extensors. Nice and loose on the other side. It would look just like this. Simple, as that.

Alright, so now I'm going to show you guys the more advanced version of the hip opening stretch sequence. This is the flow that I like to use before my lower body days in particular. And what I do to start is I get into the deep squat, just like this, okay? Try to get a low as you as low as you can. And try to make sure you have a nice kind of erect low back as possible. And the first thing we're going to work internal external rotation just like this beginner exercises. We're going to work on just like this. I like this because it's weight bearing, so it's mimicking more. A real-life functional type of movement. This is building strength as well as building that range.

This is more difficult. So be careful when trying this. So, I do about 10 of these Then I like to get into that little side squat. And then we just switch back and forth. Feel a nice stretch kind of in those abductors adductors as well as the hamstrings for this one. Okay, and again I'll get this out about 10 to 5 times you decide. Last, so the more advanced version of the flexion extension, we’re going to go into that squat that split squat, really try to squeeze through the glute and get as low as you can. It's the same kind of thing we’ll stay there, come here. Back up to the front. This one's pretty difficult and come back here. Back to the front and I'll show you the other side. What that looks like. Okay. So, there's some Dynamic hip warm up that you can do try adding that to your work out beforehand and you'll notice a lot of benefits in terms of mobility of strength. Thank you.

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