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Tingling, numbness, pain in your hands or feet? - Neuropathy supplement pack

Updated: Sep 6, 2023


Hey everybody, Dr. Julie McLaughlin here today, we are going to talk about neuropathy and the benefits of our neuropathy pack that we have on our McLaughlin care supplement store. 20 million people, and I believe more than 20 million people, in the United States have been estimated to have some form of peripheral neuropathy.

Neuropathy is pain, numbness, tingling, lack of feeling in your hands, fingers or feet and it's really painful and horrible for many people. Sometimes people have it so bad that they have difficulty walking, driving, buttoning their shirts, and zipping things up. Neuropathy is a significant condition so we have some things here in the office we do that can support them. One of them is this neuropathy pack and others are treatments that we do in the office.

So the first item in our pack is the brain support, because remember the brain is the central nervous system and all our nerves stem from our brain all the way down our spinal cord, all the way down to our fingers and our toes. So to help this, we use the brain support to improve energy production and decrease inflammation so the brain can help support all those peripheral nerves. So it enhances your brain function, helps with a healthy brain, healthy memory, provides generous antioxidant support to the brain and your nervous system, and it sends out micro nutrients to all your neuronal energy productions.

We also use curcumin, which is a huge anti-inflammatory plant based nutrient that comes from tumeric.It has a combination of some black pepper in it which is actually time-released to help reduce inflammation and provide your body support for healthy cells and more

importantly nerve function.

The last ingredient in our list is B-complex because we know the b's are super important for nerve and brain health. It's also going to help your immune system and your adrenal system as well.

We know that the grade of your supplements is important because they better be doing what we say that they're going to do and so they're pharmaceutical grade and they're quadruple certified. Any supplements that you take, you want to make sure that they have these kind of qualifications to them. They come in convenient packs. We just rip off the pack and you take your pack for the day. So you avoid pill fatigue by not having to count them all out of the bottles everyday.

They're always GMO free, gluten free, dairy free. We avoid all the common allergens in our products and their ingredients are clearly labeled and we have no artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Word of caution. These are for adults. They're not for adolescents or children consult your doctor if you need a plan for them and don't take if you're pregnant or nursing. And if you're taking medication consult with your doctor as to if there's any interactions, that's it for today on the neuropathy pack. If you liked this information and if you'd like to follow us on YouTube. We're at McLaughlin Care and we'll see you next time.

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