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Wellness Wednesday Top 5 Running Mistakes

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Watch the video now! Hey Dr. McNamara here here with McLaughlin Care coming at you with another Wellness Wednesday, but today I'm not in the office, I'm actually on the track located by my house. So what I want to talk about today, and the reason why I'm on the track is because I want to talk about common mistakes that I see runners doing. Now, the first two I'm going to talk about those are really easy things to look at.

First one stay hydrated,a lot of people are trying to go out and run, and they're doing too much too soon, and they're not staying hydrated. Their body's not able to cool the way it needs to cool and it's not hydrated so the muscles can't perform and the brain can't function as well, and we all want our brains to function well, even during performance.

Another one is improper footwear. We don't want to be wearing skateboarding shoes. We don't want to be wearing heavy boots, obviously not high heels. Go to a running store and they have good running shoes. I like asics they're a great brand, but if you have a certain orthopedic problems such as pes planus which is flat feet or Pez kavas which is too high of an arch, what you can do is you can come into our office. We actually offer foot levelers, which are really, really great. They take a mold of your foot and the foot lovers has a great athletic insert. That's great for performance and exercise. So check it out if you're interested in that as well.

The third most common mistake that I'm seeing with runners is also, they're not warming up quite enough. And with that they're form is also an issue. These two things go hand in hand, and I'm going to show you a couple of things really quick, that will help your form. And it's also going to be included in a warmup before you run. And I may do a video in the future about some proper warmup and what all that entails,but just a few things first with forum.

A big problem I see is people twisting. Another big problem I see is people are striking with their heels. They're even reaching out in front of them or they're foot-dragging. Now the easy fix for this is keep that foot cocked up; keep it dorsal flex. The next thing is keep everything in a straight line. The quickest point from one to another is a straight line, so keep that in mind.

Now, the drills that we're going to do to work on this and go ahead and come in front of me a little bit so you can see is the first one is an A skip; for an A skip this is going to mimic our running. See my foot is going directly underneath my body and I have a slight forward lean,

which is propelling me forward. So that's the an A skip that's going to mimic actual sprinting almost directly.

The next one is one of our hamstrings a little bit because it's a lot of strain on our hamstrings to run. So the next one is a B skip. It's actually the same thing. I'm keeping everything in a straight line. That's why I picked this line.If I know I'm going straight and I'm stretching out my hamstrings.

Now the third one, I want to talk about this one's a little bit more complicated. It's more for the advanced runners out there, but this is the AC skip. So we're going to do the traditional A and going to add in some side, hip mobility into it. This is really going to mobilize those hips and open it up to per that joint capsule and all the surrounding musculature so that we can run. So AC skin looks like this and when you get good at it, go pretty quick, but that's the AC skip for you really great hop.

Now the last mistake I see most commonly runner's doing is just simply doing too much too early. You guys got to take it easy when you start. It's, it's really easy to get ahead of yourself, especially when you get really excited, but I really highly suggest you guys start slow, let your body recover, do a little bit more each day and slowly progress that way.

Now, if you guys liked this video to interested in more type of exercising, sports, performance optimization, anything like that, comment in the comment section below, and just let us know what you're interested in and I'll tailor more videos around those interests. Also with running particular athletics. You know, if you're interested in the nutrition of it, I would love to talk about that as well. So just let me know and just leave a comment.

Also, if you know, someone that could benefit from this information, a runner or an athlete, you know, send them our way and let them know. And if you're suffering from pain I can't ignore this, you can't ignore this and we need you guys to come in the office so we can diagnose your pain correctly. So we know what's causing the pain and if we should proceed running or if we should go another route, I need to finish my warmup now and go do my one hundreds.

That's my workout for today. So, you know, give us like, and check us out in the office, Dr. McNamara out. (Video Transcript)

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