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3 tricks to stop eating food that is bad for you

Updated: Aug 28, 2023


Hey everybody today, we're going to talk about the three tricks to stop eating foods. It's bad for you. I'm Dr. Julie McLaughlin from McLaughlin care. So let's talk about this. So have you, has anybody ever had food poison, you can comment below or let me know. I gotta tell you I did a Facebook poll.

It went crazy. So many people have had food poisoning. And this is the crazy thing about food poisoning. You can remember every little detail about it. You can remember when it happened, what you were eating, probably what you were wearing and how miserable it was. So people will then have such an aversion to that food that they have the food poisoning with.

And they'll never eat it again. So I gotta tell you a really funny story is that I had food poisoning years ago, my brother and I went scuba diving down in Mexico and we saw a bunch of lobsters when we were diving and I never had lobster. My brother's oh, let's go out to dinner and have some lobster.

And I was like, okay. So we went out to this place and we ordered lobster, it comes the whole thing and the little eyes are looking at you in the antennas and the whole thing. So I was like, okay let's try this. I'm not sure, so sure about this. So I tasted it, but I was like, oh man, this tastes pretty good.

And my brother, who's had lobster a million times and loves it. He tastes it and he goes, oh, This is terrible. Oh I don't wanna have this. And he goes here, taste it. And of course, what did I do? I tasted, yeah. I don't know why we do that as people that if you eat something bad, you have to have somebody else.

I Tasted it, verify that it was bad, but long story short, we both got food poisoning and we were so sick for the next 24 hours. We are fighting over the bathroom in the hotel room. We couldn't go scuba diving and I have to tell you from that day on, I have never had lobster. So I know, you know what I'm talking about.

So I'm gonna call that type one food poison. Now there's another type. Did you know there's another type of food poisoning. You're like, oh, it wasn't one enough. But this type is deadly and it's silent and it gives you this terrible food hangover, but it tastes so good. You don't get sick immediately from it.

You're so happy when you eat it. It's everywhere. You think of it. You dream about it. You crave it. You want this, but guess. That junk food that you're thinking about and that you're having it, it doesn't, make you run to the bathroom, fight over the bathroom with your brother, in 24 hours. But it leads to 80% of our heart disease in this country. And 33% of the cancers are linked to diet.

So let's get to the top three things. Rule number one is identify your kryptonite. What is it? That you crave that, isn't good for you? Is it ice cream? Is it cookies? Are you a sweet person? Are you a salty person? What's your kryptonite? What's your deal? What is it that you know is bad for you? If that is bad. But you crave it and you want it, so you think I'm going to eat three bowls of broccoli before I eat this, bowl of ice cream and maybe it will cancel it out and balance it out.

Not so much. So this is the thing is that there aren't any foods that are fountain of youth, but there are foods that are poison and these are the things that are really going to get you. Into the situation for chronic disease. So everybody says to me, Dr. Julie, what should I eat to be healthy? What should I eat?

I feel terrible. What should I eat? Not to have my drink pain, my stomach, gut and things. So this is the deal know you're kryptonite?. If it's bad for you, if you know it doesn't work for you, you get that food hangover and it's making you gain weight and inflammation. Don't eat it.

So everybody's so focused on how many vegetables should I eat? How many of this should I eat? What should I eat? Oh, I shouldn't have this. How many milligrams? How? No, if it's bad, don't eat it. That's what I want you to do. And remember when Dr. McNamara had his little video, it's 80 20. So if 80% of the time, you're awesome.

You're a avoiding that kryptonite 20%, maybe it's your birthday or is it's a holiday or something. And then you have a little. So that's a rule. Number one, rule. Number two is only eat food that will rot. Now don't eat rotten food, but only eat food that will rot, because guess what? You eat processed food, McDonald's, you can stay at, on your shelf for, decades who knows how long.

I wouldn't wanna know how long, but if the food is in natural, It's gonna expire. It's gonna rot. So don't eat rotten food, but only eat food that will rot. It's not processed and preserve rule. Number three is HARA HACHI BU . And so what that means, I know it's a really crazy word. It means don't eat until you're full eat to you're 80% full.

Do you ever eat? And you're like, oh my gosh, I think I just ate Thanksgiving dinner or you did eat Thanksgiving dinner and you're just so full and you just feel horrible. You don't wanna get into that food hangover. So eat until you're 80% full and then push it away. And I promise you if you wait 20 minutes, cuz that's how long it takes for a brain digestion connection to get going.

You'll be like, oh, I'm dissatisfied, but I don't feel overstuffed. I don't feel gross and all full. So this boils down to nine words, eat real food, not too much. Eat more plants. That's it for today. I'll be seeing you guys next time. Stay healthy.

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