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5 Things you didn't know about Chiropractors

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Hi everybody Dr. Julie McLaughlin here from McLaughlin care and lake bluff. So today we're going to talk about the five things you didn't know about chiropractors. Watch the Video too!

1. The first thing is chiropractors are highly trained healthcare professionals. In fact, we have the same. Amount of education as medical doctors, we just have a different specialty.

In fact, I have two bachelor's degree, one in human anatomy and one in biology premed as well as my doctorate in chiropractic.


2. The second thing that you didn't know is that when you have an injury, if you have back pain, if you're having any kind of joint pain, headaches must feel skeletal pains.

You should try chiropractic first before drugs and surgeries, drugs, and surgeries. Have side effects and they have long term. Complications chiropractic does not. So always try chiropractic first.

3. The third thing I want you to know is that we treat chiropractors. We treat more than back pain. We treat neck injuries; we treat shoulder problems.

We treat elbows and knees and ankles and wrists and arthritis. All types of different things, even including headaches. So, it's not just back pain anymore for chiropractic.

4. The fourth thing I want you to know is. The back pain that you have in your back might not be coming from your back. So sometimes we have a pain, and we think, oh, that's back pain, but what if it's from your kidneys?

Or what if it's from your pancreas or some different area gallbladder that could be referring to your back. So we always do a complete examination to find out the cause of your problem, rather than just treating your symptom.

5. The fifth thing that you didn't know about chiropractic. Is that we are the safest of all healthcare professionals. Did you know that the third leading cause of death is prescription drugs third and that's after heart disease and cancer chiropractic is not even in the list. So it's very safe and effective. And if you have more questions, let me know. You can contact us at our office 847-234-2346.

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