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Happy Halloween from McLaughlin (Mc2) Care!

Updated: Mar 7

Happy Halloween from McLaughlin (Mc2) Care! thumbnail
Happy Halloween from McLaughlin (Mc2) Care! thumbnail


All right Mark how are you doing today? We're looking a little rough after the weekend.

My back is killing me and I don't know what else to do.

All right well in that case let's get you going face down and we'll get to treatment. All right so go ahead and get comfortable. Oh man yeah it must have been a rough weekend on you you're looking like all bones today.

**treatment without sound**

All right Mark we're gonna let you rest for a little bit and then we'll wake you up before the trick-or-treaters get in okay.

All right.

Oh my gosh what a difference how you feeling Mark?

I feel alive and good doctor thank you.

Let's get you on up and uh see how we're moving. Your color definitely looks a lot better and you got up pretty good there.

Yeah I feel alive again thank you Doctor!

You're welcome.

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