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How does a "drop-table" adjustment work?

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

How does a "drop-table" adjustment work? thumbnail
How does a "drop-table" adjustment work? thumbnail

Dr. McNamara here again. And I just wanted to talk a little bit about the upside to dropping a type of adjustment. So this is a table that requires, this is an adjustment that requires a specific type of table. This is a drop table over here. We utilize the pelvic drop piece quite a bit. You know this is for the patients that it's difficult for them to get in that side posture adjustment.

And also they don't really like that cracking, popping noise that is associated with adjustment. I couldn't find a study that just looked at dropping specifically, but I did find a study that was looking at chiropractic adjustments versus muscle relaxants for subacute low back pain. And what I found was that they use drop adjusting for that study and they actually had low or better pain scale Results and they had a better global impression scan,

which means the patients were more satisfied with their care overall. So for the drop, what we gotta do is see how Carly's misaligned first She's short on them. Right. It seems to get length anyway, I've been there. Neat. So that's telling me what type of adjustment I want to do. Yeah. So first we got to make sure the tension is correct.

So you're gonna feel a little drop. Good. And I'm gonna add a little bit more tension and we're gonna use gravity to help us with this adjustment. So finally, my contact point. Good. Then it's a simple drop, just like that. Good. Good. Go down and recheck legs are looking nice and even good. Just another example of what we do here at the office,

just to keep patients out of pain. So if you guys are suffering from any type of low back neck, mid-back, even shoulders, hips, any type of extremity issues, come make an appointment with us and we'll do an examination and figure out what care plan will work best for you and get you right on track. Okay. So thank you.

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