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Improve Metabolic Health While Sitting!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023


Hey Dr. McNamara here and today, I wanted to give you guys one easy tip that will help improve your overall metabolic health and it's so simple that you can do it sitting down. In fact, I'm actually doing it right now.

So the exercise I'm doing, is called a Soleus push-up, and the soleus muscle is a muscle. That's a part of the calf complex, and there's two muscles involved in this. So you have your gastrocnemius and that's the big bulbous part, right below your knee. And then underneath that deeper, you have your soleus muscle and they both insert into that Achilles tendon. But they have different functions, the gastrocnemius. is more of an explosive type of muscle think jumping running. It's going to be utilized for those type of activity. The Soleus, on the other hand, this is more of a slow twitch type 1 muscle fiber, more oxidative type of expression, and this is more of a postural muscle, so it keeps the ankle stabilized just standing sitting those types of activities.

What's interesting about the soleus muscle is it has a specific phenotype that when you perform the Soleus push-ups for throughout the day. Up to about four and a half hours is what they did. In this recent study they saw that in the blood markers. They had improved vldl triglycerides as well as glucose homeostasis.

For example, the postprandial glucose Excursion was decreased by 52% even greater than that hyperinsulinemia. Too much insulin in the blood was decreased by up to 60% and all of that was done by just simply Contracting. This muscle that makes up one percent of your total. Body mass throughout the day. So give this exercise a try. If you are having any type of prediabetes, any blood sugar problems or if you just want to improve your overall metabolic health to make sure your insulin resistance and your cells are functioning at the proper highest level. Thank you.

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