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Lab Tests Covered by Insurance in the New Year

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Happy Friday, we are going to do a Functional Medicine Friday here. We know it's the new year and there is sickness everywhere. It seems to be getting worse. So what we want to do since we are in health care and not sick care, we are going to be happy to tell you that we have a lot of new testing that was previously available only on a cash basis, not covered by insurance.

Now we have many new tests that we can do with you that is going to be covered by insurance. It is so exciting for you and It's exciting for us because we can make sure we're taking the best care of you possible. So at the beginning of the year, you always want to make sure that you're getting all your maintenance things done and getting checked out.

But this year in particular, with all of the crazy bugs going around, we need to make sure you are as healthy as possible so your immune systems not compromised, your body's not compromised in any way, shape or form and we can keep you that way. We also want to make sure that you're not neglecting other health issues because you're so worried about the bug that's going around because a lot of people we've seen, they let other things go because they can't get in.

Well, I have good news for you. You can get in here and we can do a lot of this testing for you. So you all know that we do the Cleveland heart labs, where we do a full panel. We test everything from cholesterol, electrolytes from your heart, your vitamins, minerals, liver, kidney, blood sugar, inflammation, and some genetic markers as well to see how you absorb nutrients, and also what types of food you should be eating. So you need to be doing that at least once a year. If you have an active issue, we would suggest when you need to get those retested.

So, all of that is covered by insurance which is very good news. Now, these other tests were not covered by insurance previously, but they are now. So if you're having gut issues, we have a test that helps look at the gut, it tests for infection, metabolite imbalance, dysbiosis, inflammation, and mal digestion.

Within those categories, it tests probably a total of 60 different things like the good bacteria, the bad bacteria, if you have any kind of parasites, pathogens, as well as what your digestions doing. Maybe you're not digesting fats or proteins, this test will figure it out. If you're having diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas, any kind of GI symptoms, this test is absolutely killer to try to find out what's causing it so then we can treat it without just covering up the symptoms. Food allergy tests are also going to be covered, which is awesome. So again, that can go along with stomach issues, skin, fatigue, brain fog, any of those things.

There's also heavy metal screening. If you think you've been exposed to any kind of heavy metal toxins, or some of you who we've tested before for the MTHFR, maybe you have a homozygous, or two of those genes or one of each, and you can't detoxify very well. This heavy metal screening is awesome.

If we're having bug issues and we see it on the GI effects, then we'll go ahead and look at SIBO, or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, that's going to be covered. NutrEval is a test that looks really in depth at nutrition to make sure you're not missing any of your valuable vitamins and nutrients that you may be deficient in.

Lastly, bone reabsorption assessment, which is for osteoporosis and a lot of other things to monitor. Are you actively losing bone or not? So if you need to have your testing done for this year, I want you to give us call 847-234-2346 and we'll be happy to set you up to get some of this testing done and make sure you are the healthiest possible.

If you missed my Functional Medicine Friday last week, for my patients, I made a little navigating COVID course. Some things that you can do at home, if you are getting stricken with COVID and suffering. So I'll put the link below the video as well so you guys can get access to that.


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