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Making the Invisible… Visible. Been a while since your last blood test?

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

When was the last time you had your labs done?

The implication of NOT doing labs is what we really need to think about. How are we going to live with chronic disease? We're not going to drug our way out of the problem.

Banking on a cure for all causes of chronic diseases is like planning your retirement with lottery tickets.

You may win and win big, but odds are you're not going to.

Don't be on the losing end of this problem, get your labs done to uncover the "invisible" conditions that can be prevented and yes, even reversed. You have to make them visible. What gets measured, gets managed.

00:00:01 Hey everybody, Dr. Julie McLaughlin here from McLaughlin care me and Dr. McNamara is super excited to bring to you every week, wellness, Wednesday, and this week, we're going to be talking about how to make the invisible, visible. I have some awesome slides for you to share and let's get started. So what I want you to think about is what's the most important thing you can do right now to improve your health.

00:00:29 Now, we got a lot of invisible things going on right now. Let's talk about COVID. I mean, it's invisible. We can't see this enemy, right? But we know that it's killed hundreds of thousands of people. And we know that it's impacted millions of people across the world, but yet it's invisible. We need to start to look at some other things that ar

e invisible,

00:00:50 that are affecting our health. So COVID-19 was America's third leading cause of death in 2020. Right? But I want you to take a look at something, heart disease and cancer, still, even with COVID and with all the, to do about COVID is still more than double the deaths that we've had from COVID. So heart disease and cancer. And when did you guys agree that no one wakes up and says,

00:01:16 today's the day I'm going to have a heart attack. Today's the day I'm going to get diagnosed with cancer. Those things are invisible until they become visible. But what have we had a way to see them just like when we were kids and you thought you had magic glasses or something that you could see, things that were invisible. What if we had a way to see those things that were invisible?

00:01:37 When we look at, at the crude death rates for all causes for the, th

e quarters here, when we go from 2018, all the way through the third quarter of 2020, we can see that the death rate has increased, but it's not just increased in COVID. It is increased with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. And you think why?

00:02:05 Wait a minute, we're in the middle of a pandemic. We're all talking about COVID and COVID significance, but let's face it. These other conditions and these other diseases have not been treated. People have been on lockdown. People have been scared to come out of their house. People have been scared to take care of themselves and they've been eating away.

00:02:25 So they're getting a quarantine 15 right there. They're gaining that extra weight. And I can tell you that these other diseases in that last quarter of 2020 have skyrocketed as a result. And that's not okay with me because these are preventable diseases, but we have to be able to see it too. COVID was not the only cause of d

eath that increased heart disease,

00:02:48 diabetes and cancer have all increased in the last year. Right? So even though COVID was this big factor. When you look at this, heart disease has increased 4.8% in diabetes and unintentional injuries, right? We're not saying self-inflicted injuries. We know that there's a whole mental health issue to this too, but unintentional injuries and diabetes have risen 10%. Right?

00:03:16 And that goes along with us gaining weight during the quarantine as well. So when we think of these things increasing during this pandemic because you haven't had access to care, I want to do something about it and I want to help you. Right? So cause why is this happening? The people are stopping, getting care. You think about it. You guys stopped coming in.

00:03:36 I know because I was here and you weren't here and I wasn't taking care of any. And it it's really, really a significant thing. So the invisible has gained momentum on us. And now it's our turn to get it back. So what I want to ask you is when's the last time you had your labs checked. When's the last time. So if you guys something currently going on,

00:03:57 we like to recheck the labs every three months. If you're doing good and you're more on maintenance, we check them at least twice a year to once a year, if you're in super, super good out. So if you have not had your labs done since then, I want you to call my office today and get set up. I mean, to show you a little bit of a case study,

00:04:16 if you've never done labs with us at why we make the invisible visible, right? So this is a 54-year-old, white menopausal female with a normal BMI. That means, she didn't gain the quarantine 15. She's not overweight. She's not obese. She's just wanting to do some wellness. She's taking a statin, right? It's that medication,

00:04:37 but she doesn't have any allergies. She's a non-smoker and occasional alcohol drinker, a couple of drinks a week. She exercises two times a week, but she has a family history of heart disease and diabetes. So overall you think she's, she's a pretty healthy person. But when we looked at those, the labs, we started to see those invisible things. She,

00:04:58 it is a bear. And so if you guys know how we talk about tigers, bears, and deer, right? So we look at how you're eating. Are you eating as a carnivore, omnivore, herbivore, she should be eating as an omnivore. She had two copies of a gene called MTHFR, which causes blood clotting. She had no idea.

00:05:15 She had something called LP, little a, which is a genetic marker for high cholesterol. That can cause a heart attack, even though she's on the Staton, right? These things are invisible. She didn't know she had them. And now that we know we can turn them off. When we look at the cholesterol, we don't just look at that 50-year-old cholesterol panel with your total cholesterol,

00:05:39 your HDLs and your LDLs. We look at the deep dive. We look at the quality. We have those. And guess what? That so P little a, that was raising up her bad cholesterol. She knew she always had a few problems with cholesterol, but she didn't know why. Now we know where we can attack it. We,

00:05:57 now we know what we can reverse. Guess what? Her blood sugar was going high too. And she had no idea. It's not like you wake up and go, Oh, I think my blood sugar is high. Remember that statistic? I told you about the 10% increase in diabetes during the last quarter. That's three months of 2020 due to this pandemic.

00:06:18 I mean, we're, we're eating our emotions, right? We're eating our emotions because she was doing really good. Taking her supplements or vitamin D is great or B12 folic acid. She was doing the things she was, she was supposed to do, but she didn't know some of this other stuff. And that's what we looked at. And guess what,

00:06:33 who liver was inflamed too. And we needed to do a liver detox. He, this is a liver enzyme. She didn't come in and say, Oh, Dr. Julie, my liver is a little inflamed today. I need to do something about it. You don't know. So that's why we have to look at the labs and what gets measured gets managed because we make recommendations to not only reverse these things,

00:06:54 but prevent chronic disease from occurring. So if we can stop a disease before it ever stops, starts, that's way better than any kind of cure. And to do this first, we have to see the invisible and then predict the risk. So if you want to see the invisible and you haven't had your labs done in the last year at minimum, if you are a family member or suffering from a chronic health issue,

00:07:20 what are you waiting for? Give me a call. We'll get you set up. We do the draws here in the office are not out of your reach. It's easy, it's inexpensive, and it could save your life or your family or your arm. Right? So that's what we want to do. We want to help you guys all make that invisible,

00:07:38 visible. So we know what we can do to change and make you help. They, if you have any questions, let me know. I would be happy to talk to you about this. And I hope you have a healthy, happy Wednesday. Bye-bye.

McLaughlin Care and Begin with Wellness Weight Loss 900 N. Shore Drive, Suite 170 Lake Bluff, IL 60044 847-234-2346

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