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MultiVitamin Pack

Updated: Aug 30, 2023


Hi everybody Dr. Julie McLaughlin here from McLaughlin care today, we're going to talk about the benefits of the daily multipack. So that is daily multivitamin with a few extra little bonuses in it. So we know in our country and actually in the entire world, there's a huge prevalence of micronutrient insufficiencies.

What that means is the vitamins that we usually find in a multivitamin are deficient in many, many, if not most people. So when we look at some of the simple statistics, one in 10 Americans are not eating the recommended fruits and vegetables daily. One in three are not getting adequate magnesium or vitamin E, as many as 45% are not getting the recommended daily amounts of calcium and one in five don't consume adequate vitamin a or vitamin C.

So I can tell you from looking at thousands and thousands of lab work, this is absolutely true. One of the nutrients that we know is vitamin D that everybody who's not supplementing is absolutely deficient. So why are weso deficient? It comes down to two things, indigestion, and malabsorption. So if you're eating the right foods, but you're not absorbing them and you're having gut problems, which is another huge problem that we see and that we talk about in some of our other videos that are going to hijack our ability to absorb these nutrients because we let's face it. We don't live in a third world country. None of us here are starving to death. We're eating these foods, but we're still deficient. So if our digestion isn't working properly, we need to add those extra nutrients into our supplements, there's a huge nutritional gaps and this can contribute or even exacerbate your current or chronic health problems.

If you have a diet or food allergies, if you have an autoimmune condition that causes a lot of inflammation and we're not getting the right nutrients to help support that. A lot of medications steal nutrients, they steal our micronutrients. For example, if you're taking antacid it's going to steal your B vitamins. If you're taking astatin, that's going to block your coQ10, even oral contraceptives and beta blockers. They all steal our nutrients. So you need those medications for whatever chronic condition you're treating or things that you're preventing. But you have to know that there are side effects of nutrient stealing.

Again, we talked about improper digestion malabsorption. That could be a huge problem. If you are an athlete and you're doing high performance, you have a higher need than the average person. So you really want to boost this up. If you're fatigued or you're having sleep disorders, these nutrients are going to be helpful as well as mood disorders. Anxiety depression not having enough of the proper micronutrients can really trigger and cause exacerbations in these conditions.

So what's in the pack, right? So we have a multivitamin without iron. We do not give iron to everybody because it is a non soluble vitamin and your body can hold on too much to cause inflammation. We only give iron if you need it. And for a very, very short period of time. So in this pack, it's going to help support circulation, memory, reduce anxiety, enhance learning, increase your alertness. It's going to help replace all your basic nutrients that you need. Like your B vitamins, your vitamin D. All of those things that we need, just to have a core base, to be built up in the probiotic, it's going to help us with a healthy gut biome. It's going to help us with our immune response. It's going to help us with our digestion so we can absorb those other new. It's going to support lactose digestion and we're going to have multiple different strains.

So it's going to help in a variety of ways. We also include an omega oil, which is a fish oil and has a very specific form of fish oil . It is going to be very pure and as it can be very potent, so you can take the least number of pills and get the most effect from it. It's great for cardiovascular health inflammation, joint pain is a great anti-inflammatory and is great to boost up your brain and your nervous system.

When we look at vitamin D we add extra vitamin D because it's super, super important, especially now during the COVID era for immune support for bone health, neurological, musculoskeletal cardiovascular, it is a great, great nutrient. All of our nutrients are pharmaceutical grade. They're quad certified. You only want to take nutrients that have these types of certification. It comes in a pack so you don't have to count out pills, getting pill fatigue, and you just rip off the pack and you take it once a day. All of our nutrients are GMO free and gluten-free dairy-free and we avoid all the common allergens in our products. The labels are clearly marked. None of our formulas have artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Word of caution. They are meant for adults. Always consult your physician if you want to know more about this. We don't recommend them for pregnant nursing women. And we don't recommend them for people taking medications. If they're concerned about interactions, talk to your physician.

Also stay connected with us through our app. You can download our app at McLaughlin care. It's on both Android and the apple app store. So get it. It's free and you can stay connected with us, making appointments, ordering your supplements and packs as well as watching some of our wellness programs and our YouTube videos and speaking of YouTube, subscribe to our channel, and you'll be able to learn more about taking care of your health and wellbeing.

That's it for today. Talk to you soon

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