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Track Dr. McNamara on RaceJoy!

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Hey everybody, Dr. McNamara here coming at you, with wellness Wednesday, and today I wanted to talk to you guys about an application you can download on your phone that is called racejoy. So those of you that don't know, I will be running the Chicago marathon in October. Also, I'll be running for the Illinois spinal bifida association. So if you guys want more information on that, please check out our website, McLaughlin as well as our Facebook page, where we have more information on that for you guys, if you're interested in that.

But in order to prepare for this race, to really jumpstart my hard training, I'm actually going to

be running a half marathon this Saturday. At deer park. And I'm gonna show you this app called race joy, and it's a way that you guys can track my progress. See how slow I'm going. Cause I'm not going to be going very fast, at least not yet, as well as a you can send motivational messages or if you guys want to talk a little smack, go ahead. Maybe I pushed you a little too hard in the gym. If we were doing some exercises and you got a little frustrated now's your chance to get back at me. So please do not hesitate to send me a fun message. And now I'm going to show you guys this app, I'm going to share the screen. Okay. There we go. Now we are sharing. So this is the race joy app. So once you go to the app store For either Android or iPhone, go ahead and look up race joy, and then you can download it from there. And then in order to find me, we're going to search races and the race I'm doing is deer park St. Paddy's day marathon. We'll just type in deer park and see what. And there it is. So now I'm going to click on that and you can choose. I want to be

tracked or I want to track somebody, obviously I'm the one who's being tracked. So we're going to click, I want to track someone now to check somebody we have to hit continue. And then this is the important part. You can either search by name Jacob McNamara, or you can use my bid number, which I'll add to this post. And the bid number is five, two. Six zero then go ahead and search. I pop up, click that next and then you'll have to log in and you'll have to make an account and everything like that. And then from there, you'll be able to give you the option to share messages, track my progress, all that stuff. It's a really fun way to get involved. And if you're interested in running, this is a great app to have on your phone, so you can have others track you, but Please if you guys would like to download that and support me in this upcoming run, go ahead and do that. And we will see you soon. Thank you.

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