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What is an instrument adjustment?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Hey Dr. McNamara here with the lovely Carly again at McLaughlin care. And I wanted to talk a little bit with you about instrument assisted adjusting. So what we have here is the arthro STEM. This is an instrument that we use to adjust patients that have contraindications to manual adjusting with our hands. Maybe they have osteoporosis, maybe they have advanced degenerative changes in their spine.

Maybe they also have connective tissue disorders like airlift, Danlos syndrome or something that makes their ligaments. And ten's a little bit more lax. So this is just a less force, less invasive type of adjusting.

So a little bit of history about it. It's been around for about 20 to 30 years, but it has really started gaining steam in the last, you know, five to 10. But what I could find was people using the arthro stint in studies to help this one specifically was to completely reverse cervical radicular apathy in forward head posture. They use other modalities, but the big one they used for adjusting was this instrument. So let's get started. Okay. So my hand is very light.

What is an instrument adjustment? thumbnail
What is an instrument adjustment? thumbnail

It's very, very fast. It does about six to 12 pulses per second. And the Carline one applies to your neck. How's that nice and gentle. There's no rotation. So those patients that don't like to, you know, hear that pop noise that they don't like to get their neck turned at all. This is a great alternative for them to get adjusted and still get the benefits.

And what it's doing is as I go to each second of her spine and do an adjustment in each joint, it's sitting impulses very quick impulses throughout the muscle and throughout the Aussie, the structures of the spine, like the bones, the vertebra, and it's causing everything to just relax and fall into alignment is reducing pain as well.

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