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Chiropractic Adjustment for Athletes

Updated: Aug 30, 2023


Hey, Dr. McNamara here and I have Kolby here and Kolby is a lifter. He's been working out a lot and he's put on a lot of muscle mass this summer. So he's just getting a maintenance adjustment just to make sure everything's loose, he's recovering correctly, and he can get back into the gym tomorrow.

So Kolby, first thing I'm gonna have you do is just lay face down and we'll get started. Now Colby's already been examined. So I already know which spots kind of need worked on.

We're gonna do a quick palpation to just feel what else is tight. Colby, go ahead and take a deep breath in for me here and breathe it out. Okay that's good for that one. Let's go ahead and go this side, face him up. Face me, please. Thank you. We're gonna bend this leg here. Straighten that one. I'm just gonna scooch you to the edge right there. And take your arms just like that.

The other side up for me. One more here. There we go. That was what we wanted. Now go face up and then we're gonna do an anterior adjustment here. So scoot down just a tiny bit. Perfect. And then big hug. And then tuck your chin in your chest, let me get in there. There we go.

All right now last but not least we'll check the neck. Let's scoot back a little. Thank you. What side did you say your neck was sore on? The right side here, little lack of motion there. right around my C6. Ooh, that was good. Let's see over. That was easy. All right. How's that? Good . All right you're all set.

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