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Say Goodbye to Hip Pain! Natural Treatment for Hip Pain

Updated: Aug 31, 2023


If you're suffering from any type of low back, pain, or hip pain, or even just your performance is lacking, and it's all due to that tight hip joint. You're going to really want to do this stretch. Now, this stretch is the 9090 position, but what we're going to do is do Progressive, Angular isometric, loading and regressive, angular isometric loading.

The first step to the stretch is just holding a passive stretch in this position for 30 seconds. Now the next part of the stretch is we're going to do the progressive, angular isometric loading. That's where I'm going to use the outside musculature of this leg and the inside musculature of the leg to push down into the floor. So I'm going to start performing that contraction now and I can really feel good contraction here and both inside of here as well.

Now, for the regressive angular isometric loading, we're going to do the opposite, so we're going to lift up with the legs. So I'm use the inside musculature here, and the outside, on the back leg to lift up, and that's going to pull me deeper into that stretch, still building some strength. So building that flexibility, and that mobility. And then, for the last part of the stretch, you're going to hold that new range of motion for the last 30 seconds.

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