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TMJ jaw chiropractic adjustment & treatment

Updated: Sep 6, 2023


Let's take a look on what we do to evaluate TMJD. That is this joint in our jaw. Did you know it's the second musculoskeletal complaint that people have behind lower back pain. So let's check out after Dr. Jake's jaw here. So go ahead and open for me and close, open and close.

So he's got a little bit of movement. There's different patterns can either be a C pattern. Or S pattern that are dysfunctional, he's got a little bit of C where his jaws shifting over a little bit to the left. So there's different muscles that we're going to work on today to try to get that relieved. So the first one we're gonna do is this digastric muscle.

So go ahead and open and close, open, and close, keep going there for me. And we're gonna be pressing on that muscle. okay. Good. Is that a tender? All right. Now we're gonna go on the masseter muscle. That's the strongest muscle in our body, because we use it for chewing and it goes up and down right here. So go ahead and open and close.

He's got a pretty good spasm here on that right side. Yeah, I feel that. All right. And then we're gonna come up again in this temporals muscle. Open and close. Now you could relax and we're gonna do just a little bit of adjustment on here. Really relax your draw down. Let that draw really drop. We're just gonna do real gentle adjustment up in here. Okay. Open and close. open and close. Little bit better. Let's do again, open and really relaxed, open and close.

That's better. How's it feel? Feels a little better. Yeah. All right. Next time. We'll work on some exercises you can do at home.

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