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Why You Should Think About Getting Labs Done Now

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Hey Dr. McNamara here at McLaughlin Care and I'm coming at you with the Functional Medicine Friday. I'm actually here standing in the lab in our office that we actually do blood draws in in order to look at different health markers, to determine if you're at risk for certain developing diseases in the future.

Right now is the best time of the year, it's the end of the year so you've hit all your deductibles so it's a really good time to be getting your blood tests done. So why do we need to know our blood tests and those kinds of numbers? Well, the reason is because it's going to predict your future health outcomes and here at McLaughlin care, we make it easy for you.

We can do the blood draw in office, we send it to the labs ourselves, we interpret the results, and we explain the results to you directly and give you the plan to make you healthier. Then we'll retest in order to see if those results are occurring or we have to make any adjustments to your plan. Now, what are we measuring?

So there's eight big measurements of health that we look at the first one being metabolic that's includes weight control, insulin resistance, diabetes, body composition, as well as some health markers like cholesterol and things like that. We also look at inflammation. We look at highly advanced markers, like highly sensitive CRP and homocysteine. We also look at genetic markers that may explain why you may have more inflammation in your body relative to another individual. Inflammation is associated with pain, injuries, and just general pathology in the body.

We also look at heart health. That's another major measurement. This is cholesterol, blood pressure, stroke risks, waist, hip measurements that will predict your risk for developing cardiovascular disease in the future. We also look at hormones, hormones affect everything in the body. They affect our endurance, our vitality, our metabolism.

We'll look at your muscle and bone. This is terms of your strength, performance, how well your body functions, doing certain tasks. We also do a lot of detoxification. You want to detox your liver. It's where a lot of toxins will accumulate in your body, and we don't want to accumulate any of those because we don't want to get any liver pathology, such as NAFL D, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or other issues that could be involved with the liver itself.

Again, I mentioned genetics. We look at your genetics to help figure out what's the best diet for you. What's the best lifestyle for you and your family? What's your family's risk of heart disease, Alzheimer's? All of that goes into the genetic testing that we do and we base our plan off of your genes because that's just the best protocol. The very last thing we take a look at is the brain function, memory, cognition, coordination. We hear a lot of things about brain fog. A lot of that could be due to inflammation.

What we do is we take all of those markers, all these eight different measurements. We put them all together and it's kind of like a puzzle, but it tells us what's going on with your body and how we can fix it. So again, if you've reached your deductible, it's a great time right now to go get your blood again. We're doing it here in the office.

So give us a call, make an appointment. Let's take control of your health today and we'll see you soon. Thank you.

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